Waxing Hackney


“Waxing is not a luxury. It’s a necessity”

Our highly trained staff are experts in both hot and Strip Wax application.

Our Hot Wax is formulated from the highest quality ingredients making it extremely effective when performing Hollywood and Brazilians in a fast efficient and painless (as can be) way.

Our strip wax has a beautiful summer fruits scent and is gentle and non sticky making it much kinder to the skin.

Note: As a courtesy to the salon should a cancellation or date change be necessary, we politely request 24 hours notice or a 50% charge will apply.

waxing hackney

Wax Packages

Back & Shoulders £35.00
Hollywood / Brazilian & Lower Leg £48.00
Hollywood / Brazilian & Upper Leg £50.00
Hollywood / Brazilian & Full Leg £60.00


Loyalty card scheme available only for Hollywood and Brazilian

Eyebrows £8.00
Lip £7.00
Cheeks £10.00
Chin £7.00
Full Face £30.00
Full Leg £32.00
Lower Leg £20.00
Upper Leg £22.00
Full Arm £25.00
Half Arm £15.00
Shoulders £10.00
Back £20.00
Chest £20.00
Stomach Patch £10.00
Full Stomach £20.00
Hot Wax Underarms £15.00
Strip Wax Underarms £12.00
Bikini with Hot Wax £25.00
Bikini with Strip Wax £20.00
Brazilian with Hot Wax £33.00
Hollywood with Hot Wax £33.00

Men’s Waxing

Neck £7.00
Shoulders £10.00
Back Waxing £30.00
Chest £35.00
Under arm £15.00
Half arm £20.00
Half leg £25.00
Full arm £30.00
Full leg £40.00